Saturday, May 21, 2011


Greetings my friends!!

You have certainly been more patient than I have been waitng for updates! I have a BIG ONE for you! Please join me in praising God for the gift of our LOA (Letter of Acceptance)!!! YES! That's right! We have been officially approved by the CCCWA(China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption) to adopt Joey! That is what this piece of paper is all about .(It looks pretty cool too with all of the Chinese characters on it!) I am moved beyond words. God is so good!

I now have a fresh, new stack of documents to mail on Monday morning. I love each stack of paper. I know, it is a crazy thing to say, and I stress over every single form, and it is a pain in the patootie to fill them all out, but really, seriously, each form brings me one step closer to boarding a plane bound for my little boy. How cool is that?!!

Joey so sweet. Last Sunday night, Monday morning for him as his part of China is 13 hours ahead of our local time, he drew me a picture. How do I know he drew it for me? Well, after he finished his drawing, he sat in a little yellow chair and held it up for me to see on the web-cam. He smiled at the camera and was saying something that I could not hear because the sound is never on on the web-cam, and well, even if it was, he speaks Mandarin and I wouldn't be able to understand him. (Personally though, I think he was saying,"Look at my picture Momma! Do you like it?) With tears running down my face, I called back to him,"Yes, Joey! What a beautiful picture you made! I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to hang it on the refridgerator when you come home!! Mommy loves you so much!!"

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