Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bed time...zzzzzz

  I have been obsessing, I mean, searching for just the right bedding for Joey. It was VERY hard!! I am very picky...and on a budget....which makes things even harder. I had in mind something without a cartoon character/super hero/ action figure. I don't have anything against said things, they just didn't seem to "fit" the image in my daydream of tucking him in bed under the softest, most cozy bedding that I could find. I know that if I was being transported to "far,far away" with my new Mama and Baba, I would want everything that touched me to be all soft and cozy. With all of that being said, Joey is a four year old little boy. He needs a four year old little boy bedding set. It needs to be blue....and have something decidedly "boy" on it somewhere..don't you agree? I thought so! Well, I felt an inner voice urging me into a store on Thursday. I was told to look for bedding. Hmmm. Okay. I went, cause I can get in a heap of trouble if I don't listen to that inner voice! Well, at first, I didn't see anything. Hmmm. Um, Inner Voice? I thought there was some good bedding in here? "Keep looking" was the response. So I rounded the last aisle that had any bedding on it and there it was! All blue and everything! Rolled up snug and cozy, cradling a matching pillow sham in its arms. Ah, but, would it, could it, be as soft as it looked? YES!! Ooooh, ahhhhh. Just the feel I was looking for. Now, is it in the size I need? Yep! The word TWIN was written in bold letters! One more hurdle...$$$$$$. As I rolled the "roll" over to see the price I held my breath. (Gulp) Is that what I think it is? Dare I hope? Could it be? A CLEARANCE STICKER?? WooHoo!!!!! Jackpot! Needless to say, I tucked the mini comforter set under my arm like a football and took off to the front counter to pay. I was so exhilarated by this find! The sheets that I found matched perfectly and added just the right "boy" touch. Thank you Jesus for being in the details. You know exactly what we need, and you always deliver!! Oh. I did mention that I prayed for His  help while looking didn't I? No? Oh, well, I should have, cause I did!! I would not trust he details of my life to just anyone! Only Him who loves me best of all.
Sweet dreams Joey. I sure hope you like your new bed when you get home.

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