Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay, I know I said I was on limited computer time, but I just don't think  it is fair to not share this with all of you.
 I was watching a recorded segment of video from the live webcam that is on every Sunday night in our son's foster care center, when I realized absentmindedly that Joey looked to be wearing a new shirt...or at least a shirt I had never seen him in before. As I continued to watch him run and play and sit at his little yellow table to draw on the magna doodle, I kept seeing the shirt and it dawned on me that it was like a jersey...with numbers on it. Hmmm. Ok. No biggie, right? Well, then I realized that the words across the chest of my son were that of a university in THE STATE THAT WE LIVE IN!!!!!! Hold on!! Could it really say that? I looked and looked, and there was no doubt about it! Without even knowing it, Joey was advertising his "home" state. How cool is that??!!
A step farther...What are the chances that any orphan in China would be wearing a jersey from a universiy in the United States? What are the chances that the one child that WAS wearing said jersey would be in the process of being adopted by parents in the VERY STATE that  jersey named? What are the chances that this precious child would be wearing this state jersey on the only day of the week that his mommy would be watching, and could see him in it? Just blows the mind doesn't it?!

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