Friday, March 11, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned timelines. Well, I am here now to plot out least where we are so far. I may elaborate in another post, but for now, I will try to stick to the dates :-)

July 1, 2010- Signed application with our adoption agency.
August 24, 2010- Saw our son for the first time! (Well, at least I saw his picture!!)
September 16, 2010- Our son's file was locked for us! (This is a blog post all it's own!)
September 21,2010- LOI  (Letter on Intent)
October 12, 2010- PA!! (Pre-approval).
November 26, 2010- Received completed homestudy in the mail.
December 1, 2010- Mailed in our I800A application to USCIS.
January 3, 2011- USCIS fingerprint appointment.
January 28, 2011- I800A approved!!
February 15, 2011- Sent dossier to our agency.
March 3, 2011- DTC!!! (Dossier to China).

Well, that is where we are at this point. There is a lot that went on in between the lines of each of those dates, and we cherish every one of them because they have brought us closer to the day that our son will be in our arms!
I want to thank my Beloved Lord for allowing us this opportunity to adopt. For knowing my weaknesses and for lending me His strength to move forward so His plan can unfold as He wills it to.Thank you Lord for loving me and for allowing me another son to mother!!! Amen.

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