Friday, March 11, 2011

The Beginning

When starting a story, it is prudent to start at the beginning...but where exactly is that??? Our adoption story began long, long ago, before I was born. I believe God destined me for adoption. He gave me a mother's heart and a love of babies and children that some (including my husband) have a hard time understanding at times. That's okay with me. As long as I understand :-) My mother once told me that when I grew up I would either have a house full of kids or a house full of cats...or both!!! I loved this! I actually have four kiddos and three cats! She knows me rather well.
Fast forward to a few years ago, ok maybe about eight. My daughter was turning four and the itch to grow our family was back. We prayed and Wubby agreed to adoption. The trials, grief, and blessings that would follow could fill a book, so I will cut to the chase. We started foster care and enjoyed the company of 9 different children in our home. After that, we decided to adopt internationally. That was in 2006. We started paperwork for an adoption with Guatemala that year and after all of the paperwork was done, we settled in for the wait for referral. It came in June of 2007. A beautiful little girl we would come to know as our daughter and then lose to her biological family. Her return to her family occurred in the fall of 2010. Our sweet "Dani" will forever be a part of our lives in our hearts, and we will love her for all of our days. We miss you sweet girl!! Never you doubt it for a minute!
That occurrence brought us face to face with another adoption decision. Would we, could we, do this again? The answer was a resounding YES!  There was a child out there somewhere who was waiting on our family and I knew God would lead us to that child. I felt an overwhelming urgency to get started again on the path to a new family member. But where to begin??? Why, the beginning of course :-) God! SO I prayed....and prayed....and prayed....
God answered me and said...CHINA. The conversation went something like this:
God: Robin, your child is in China.
Me: No, there must be a mistake.
God: I don't make mistakes. China.
Me: But the plane ride over is SOOOOO long.
God: I know. I put China there.
Me: Oh yeah. Right. Hmmmm. China?
God: Yes, China.
Me: Maybe I will need confirmation that I am hearing you right. How about Taiwan? We are already I600A approved...
God: (Very patiently) No Robin. Your child is not there.
Well, after three VERY cool "confirmations" from Him, I laughed and said,"OK,OK! I get it! We will go to China :-)

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