Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello? Hello? Hello!!!

Yes, yes, I am still here! I have given up most of my computer time for Lent, so I will not post much this season. Funny, but their is not much to post.... that is how it is with adoption. First there is so much to tell, then nothing for weeks. Ah well, life is much the same. We go along for many days of hum drum, beating the pavement, and then BAM! something out of the ordinary happens and we talk about it for days.
The big question is always, "How is the aoption going?"  It is going fine, just not as fast as I would like, but who could blame me for wanting to hold my new son in my arms as soon as heavenly possible??
We have yet to hear if we have been officially logged in with the CCCWA (The CCAA changed their name). We are thinking we have been, because our dossier was sent to China 24 days ago. If we are correct, then we are now waiting on our Letter of Acceptance (LOA). When this gets to us, we will be continuing the downhill ride to picking up our son. I am not looking for our LOA until late April, which means there will be slim pickins of updates until then. Sorry :-(
Accompany me on this journey through Lent and take the time to enjoy this beautiful season. There is much to be thankful for and I, for one, don't want to miss a minute of it!!
Peace be with you.

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