Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

I was as surprised as anyone!! We have three bio sons and we have one bio daughter. We thought she needed a sister...but as I looked at the pictures of all of the waiting children, I was drawn to the boys! I really wasn't even looking for a referral at the time, just getting familiar with all of the special needs of the children who were waiting. Our agency told us we could start "looking" after our homestudy was complete. That was fine with me...I was the queen of waiting by then!! LOL! So, while I was just passing the time...I joined many groups to make friends with the BTDT folks who would be my support along the journey, as well as the in-process families who would be along side me in the different phases of the adoption process. I learned all I could about the process and the predicted timelines. Timelines, however fickle they can be, are a sustaining entity during the wait. They are analyzed and reanalyzed until you are on a plane!
One particular group that I joined actually had many people advocating for children who were waiting for their family to find them. AND THEY HAD PICTURES!!!!!!
Of course, I perused the photos and one day.................there HE was! HE? (Once again, "Um, God? A boy? Seriously?" ) But I knew..I knew he was our son...I knew because he LOOKED like us...even though he is Chinese and we are not, he LOOKED like us. He smiled out of his picture and I knew. (Not to mention that he had incredibly good hair...just like all of my boys !) He is now waiting on us to come for him.
It's a boy!

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  1. I love it, he looks like you! I have had people tell me our new boy looks our bio son. I think it is true! Maybe why we get so attached when we see their pictures.