Friday, July 15, 2011

The Last Step!!

Hello fellow waiters and those curious onlookers too! We have confirmed it officially that we were submitted for travel approval on July 12th!!! This news just takes my breath away!! The last step!!! The next event will include packing and boarding a plane!! It is amazing how God has worked to bring Joey into our family. This precious little boy, who was not known to us until almost a year ago, is now about to officially become our son. He has only seen us in pictures. We have had the ability to see him in pictures and live on a webcam. The nannies at his center have told us that he is waiting for us to come.
" Please Lord prepare Joey's heart for the huge transition he is about to encounter as he meets his new family for the first time. Please prepare him for a change in his culture, language, and caregivers. Place in his heart a sure sense of peace that only You can give him. Please let him feel the love that will be poured out on him and let him "know" that we are his family right from the start. Please remove all fear from his heart as he transitions into our family. Help us bring him home and into Your family and into Your church! Amen"

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