Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Travel Approval!! YIPPPEEE!

YES! The news we have been waiting for! We have our travel approval!!! It came so much earlier than expected by us, but not unexpectedly for my Lord. He knew before I did...well He knows EVERYTHING before I do!!! LOL!
I want to give Him thanks and praise for all of the blessings He has given  to me. I do not deserve a single thing He has blessed me with, yet He keeps on giving. To Him goes all of the glory in this adoption. He has given me the strength to endure all I needed to endure. He has given me peace when I needed rest. He has given me insight and wisdom when I remembered to ask for it. He is my Lord and Savior and I want everyone to know that without Him, I am nothing.
Joey is waiting for us in China. Not for much longer!! I will e-mail the head nanny when we know our exact travel dates so she can prepare Joey for our coming. I have so much to do, yet here I am typing away because I want to be able to save this in time. This moment of awesome wonder, as I stand on the precipice of a new beginning. I am enduring the final stage of my labor. Joey will be born into our family very soon. My heart is all soft and squishy inside as I contemplate what it will feel like to actually touch his soft skin and smell his hair and feel his little body embraced in a hug. I pray that the Lord has prepared Joey to receive the love we offer so willingly. I pray the Lord will make known to Joey His power and strength. Joey will need to be brave and trust us who are strangers to him. I pray the Lord will ease Joey's transition and give Joey a sense of familiarity with us, so he will somehow "know" us even when we first meet. I pray...always I pray.
Momma's coming Joey. I am almost there...

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