Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The countdown to departure is now underway! Today is ten days from our trip to China! I am so happy!!! I am also very reflective of the changes that are about to take place in our family as we add another member to its ranks. I find myself waking up and looking at Joey's bed and wondering what his mornings will be like once he is here. Will he look out at me with eyes filled with hope and trust or will he regard me as the enemy who took him away from all he knows and is familiar with. Possible a bit of both at times.
Funny how a particular time of day is more intimidating than another. Mornings are tight on time because I drive our daughter to school each day, so leaving on time is important. I pray for smooth mornings..at least for most days...after all...everyone has a bad morning once in awhile :-) We are not "early to bed people", so if he is having trouble getting to sleep at 8pm, we have a few hours to play with. I do, however, pray for his transition into our time zone. It will a rough couple of weeks adjusting to the 14 hour difference.
Well, I need to go do something productive today..after all..I ONLY HAVE 10 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. We moved from East coast US to Germany, then to Korea, with a visit to the US after a year and then moved back to the east coast with a week's stop in HAwaii.
    Jet lag is a pain but it's doable if you work at it. Of course it will be more difficult to explain to Joey - I'm assuming he doesn't know English.
    I bet if the two of you play in the sunshine before/after lunch, and then take a short nap - he'll adjust more easily.